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You can upload photos for the website by using this form and following these instructions.

  1. First, select a Time Capsule that the photo will be put into.
  2. Second, choose a date for your time piece
  3. Third, you may tell your story about the Hotel.
  4. Then, upload up to 3 photos for your time piece. (The file must be in JPEG format)
  5. Give the photo a short caption.
  6. Once filled in, select the Add Timepiece button.
  7. By clicking the Add Timepiece button, you are agreeing to our Photo Guidelines and Disclaimer below.

It may take a minute for your photo to be processed. You will receive a message if it was successfully uploaded or not.

Submit Your Memory

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Note: After uploading your memory, it may take up to a day or two before the photo is viewable in the photo album. Photo Guidelines and Disclaimer Photo submissions must be digital images and may be either horizontal or vertical orientation. In order to maintain integrity and high image quality the images should be as high resolution as possible (300 dpi or greater). Minor digital enhancement is permitted, but images that have been significantly modified or appear unnatural will not be considered. Not Permitted: No borders or frames may be added to images. No watermarks, signatures, or copyright notices may be added to images. All images used will be displayed with the photographer’s name. Do not add or replace elements in an image. Ownership Rights By submitting your photo via you agree to grant Hotel Syracuse Restoration, LLC a permanent, irrevocable, non-exclusive, worldwide license lasting for the full term of any copyrights in the photograph, including extensions, to publish, distribute, and otherwise use the following photograph(s) in any way, in whole or in part, in any format or media, now existing or later developed, for any lawful purpose and to sublicense such rights at its discretion. You further represent and warrant that you have the legal right to grant the rights described in this license, i.e.: I took the photograph(s) myself; I own the copyright to the photograph(s) and have not transferred copyright to any other person or entity; and I have obtained any and all necessary permissions to distribute the photograph(s) to the Hotel, including model releases signed by all recognizable people depicted in the photograph(s) (or if any individual depicted is a minor, by a parent or legal guardian), with the understanding that the photograph(s) may be used in any or all of the ways described above. Upon request, I will provide such written model releases. You further understand that Hotel Syracuse Restoration, LLC is not obligated to use the photograph(s) and you waive future claims of compensation in association with the continued use of the photographs by us.